Through digital editing any old photo or document can be recovered and restored to its original form. Scratches and even stains can be removed, no matter if they were caused by accidents or the passing of time and even missing parts of the photo can be recreated.

My experience in the field has trained my eyes to see what should be fixed, my intuition helps me see what‘s missing from the photo, and my common sense ensures that the amount of changes is going to be just right. Therefore, even if the final product may differ a bit from the original, due to the laborious process it undergoes, it will always be in a reasonable amount.

Before contacting me, it’s a good idea to send my original picture with a cell phone image if you do not have a scanner. That’s to figure out whether or not the photo restoration process is likely.

The original photo

I‘d rather get the photo in physical format. But it’s ok through mail. Scanned copies sent via e-mail are also welcome, but in this case they should be processed at a minimum resolution of 300dpi. If you‘re in Timisoara, Romania, we can meet in person.

The final photo – physical support

After photo editing and refurbishing, I will send you the product either in an electronic form. You will receive by e-mail or download from my site.

Info – contact

Matei Bitea – tel. +40.727.859.777
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I‘d rather get in touch by mail; because I’m not good speaker by english…
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